Our Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our users, customers, and web visitors. All your information that we collect will be kept confidential as per company policy. If you provide us with any personal information or if you use any of our products or services, you consent that we may keep your data and use it to market products for your benefit in the future.


We do not keep our customers’ complete credit card profiles on any websites, servers, or any electronic data retrieval systems we may use. Instead, we utilize third-party shopping carts including but not limited to: Stripe, PayPal, Google Checkout, Google play, Authorize.net, etc. We are not liable for any errors or mistakes that any third-party shopping cart may impose.


If we think you may benefit from an affiliate third-party company, we may provide you with some select offers from affiliates, but we will not provide your private information to any affiliate third party for the sole purpose of marketing these third parties. If you opt for any third- party agreement, we are not responsible for the outcomes that can arise while conducting business transactions.


Some pages on this site may use cookies in order to track pages visited or to keep track of user ID information that you provided. We cannot use cookies to read personal data stored on your hard drives. You can set your browser to accept or reject all or certain cookies.


We retain the right to update or change this privacy policy without notice. The user has the right to check the status of any changes made to our privacy policy at any time.