Spas and Salons Drive Sales with SMS Messages to Their Customers

Text message marketing is the perfect tool to use to invite customers to your events and for the last minute haircut or styling job.

How can I use the platform?

You can use the platform to remind customers of the wonderful services you offer, you can drive customers with a coupon or offer, you can invite your customer to an exclusive event or simply you send them a reminder of the time their next appointment.

Be top of mind for you customer

Hue Salon and Spa in Las Vegas maintains constant communication with their customers. They are opening a second location and driving customers with text messaging campaigns.

Reach a new generation: millennials

Text messages are read within 4 minutes. Seattle Sun Tan reaches young millennial customers with their text messaging communication.

Drive more customers back to your salon

Start building your salon's subscriber database and build relationships with new customers to keep them coming back.

What type of results can you expect?

Depending on the campaign you are launching you can expect to sell tickets, increase redemption of your coupons, reduce cancellations or no-show appointments, or sell more hair styling products. The possibilities are customizable to your business goals.

Seattle Sun Tan generated almost $200,000 in new revenue within 30 days of their first messaging campaign. The offered a voucher for $20 off the next purchase to every new mobile subscriber.

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