EquiiText for Restaurants

SMS messaging became available to consumers in the mid-1990s. While the growth of SMS was slow, there were innovative businesses that leapt on this new technology as a never-before-seen marketing tool. By the early 2000s, SMS marketing was uncommon but not unheard of. One of the industries that benefited the most then and continues to benefit today from this unique form of direct marketing is restaurants.

How can restaurants make the most of SMS marketing?

Restaurants have some of the greatest advertising advantages when it comes to communicating with customers via text message.

With constant specials, deals, and promotions, every restaurant has a use for SMS marketing.

Plus, with EquiiText, restaurants can truly customize and automate the ways in which they reach out to their customers:

  • Have a Tuesday Happy Hour? Send a reminder message every Monday to your customers who have subscribed to receiving Happy Hour texts.
  • Running a dinner special for VIP members? Schedule a campaign for only those contacts and show them how important they are to your business.
  • Want to let your customers text for restaurant information while you maintain day-to-day sales? Set up auto-responders with your FAQs for natural engagement and minimal effort!

Check out how Andre's Bistro and Bar is using EquiiText to generate more leads, increase its sales, and maximize its ROI:

Andre's Bistro & Bar
Increased monthly covers by more than 1,400 guests
Saw an 18% boost in customer coupon redemption from SMS promotional offers
Instant communication and engagement with customers generated more return guests

Texting your customers provides unlimited opportunities.

Customers want to text their favorite restaurants. Are you texting them?

Use EquiiText to send promotional offers and deals to show your customers you care about them.

Create more walk-in traffic by allowing new customers to get to know your brand through SMS before they even order.

Give your guests the option to complete text-message surveys to establish a full-service customer experience.

Find out for yourself how EquiiText will help your restaurant succeed!

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