SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents

EquiiText is the perfect business solution for real estate companies. No other industry utilizes business text messaging the way real estate agents do - which is why EquiiText has designed a platform with real estate in mind.

Automate and optimize

Even real estate agents have to sleep sometimes! Don't worry about losing potential clients when you are unable to get to the phone.

Thanks to EquiiText's artificial intelligence engine, real estate agents can create unique automatic responders to let prospects know they are being heard. The auto-responses are even tailored to your particular voice and personality, ensuring every client gets to know you even before you meet them!

Always respond immediately to client queries, whether you are away from the phone, the computer, or on vacation. Realty is first-come, first-served; with EquiiText you will be the first agent to introduce yourself to a potential buyer or seller every single time. This type of instantaneous communication is not available with any other platform than SMS. And, as current real estate agents are aware, clients today are texting more than they are emailing or calling:

Urban Nest Realty

"Buyers are interacting on cell phones more than laptops or computers," says Don Cramer from Urban Nest Realty. "I've seen there is a much higher engagement in text than email."

EquiiText pushes you and your company to the front of the pack with optimized automation that requires minimal effort on your part. Simply set up your personalized responders and let them handle your text communications for you.

Drip campaigns and funneling

Keep your company from being "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" with custom drip campaigns and funnels from EquiiText. Whether you need to send weekly notifications to buyers about open houses or reach out every three months to past clients to remind them that you are their go-to real estate agent for any of their future buying or selling needs, we've got you covered. Client retention and support are necessary components to being a top agent, but it is also one of the most difficult. Maintaining consistent relationships with clients even years after you worked with them can be daunting. Fortunately, EquiiText automates that, as well! Make sure past clients never forget your name while potential clients are getting to know it.

SMS works in tandem with traditional marketing

EquiiText integrates with email, online advertising, social media, and mailers, too!

The EquiiText Cloud Platform pushes your company to the next level by adding SMS capabilities to your current strategies. With API integrations, push notifications, and webhooks, EquiiText makes it simple to combine text messaging with all the methods you already use. Let potential clients funnel themselves through your SMS platform by sending flyers and email campaigns with your unique text number. Create unique ads online with "click-to-text" callouts that allow searchers to get to know you and your brand without you having to lift a finger. Post your text number on Facebook and Twitter so your followers can share it with their friends who are looking to buy or sell property.

The opportunities to reach and engage with people are limitless with EquiiText!

Everyone wants to text you now!

There is nothing easier than texting, and it's what your clients want to do. You already use your personal phone to text and speak with current clients - why not use an automated platform with artificial intelligence to make it even easier to build your client base with the least amount of effort?

Increase your engagement efficiently and effectively

Life as a real estate agent means always being on the go and always being available, even when you can't be. Change for the better without changing your life, thanks to EquiiText business SMS marketing.

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