Nonprofits succeed when they use SMS

Donation-specific nonprofits, schools, churches, government agencies and more benefit from using text messaging to reach out to their members.

Keep in touch, build your base, and promote awareness.

EquiiText SMS communications are an easy way for your nonprofit to increase communication with your community, donors and supporters.

The term "nonprofit" encompasses a wide variety of organizations, but every type of 501C can benefit from using an SMS messaging system. Schools, for example, are using texting services to keep parents in the loop when their children are in the nurse's office or when families need to be reminded of parent-teacher conferences, sporting events, and fundraisers. Similarly, religious establishments have effectively utilized text messaging platforms to send daily prayers and allow members to text in when they have questions or good news.

Donation-specific nonprofits often use mass SMS platforms to allow people from all over the country (or even the world!) to text in monetary relief funds when disaster strikes. The American Red Cross is the most well-known of these organizations, as they were among the first to implement texting as a way to receive donations from the public. What began as $130,000 in SMS donations in 2005's Hurricane Katrina turned into more than $32 million in SMS donations by the Haitian earthquake of 2010. Text messaging works, and it works wonders for nonprofits of all kinds, both big and small.

One might not think government agencies can benefit from using mass SMS texting services, but they do find it incredibly useful! Political candidates use texting as a way to reach out to their constituents and allow their followers to ask questions about the campaigns or the candidates' beliefs. Cities use SMS platforms to remind residents to pay tickets for moving violations and to send alerts for events such as street sweepers and parades. Text messages are an instantaneous method for reaching community members in ways traditional media can't.

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