Human resources departments excel with SMS

Think text messaging is only for business-to-customer engagement? Think again!

Use texting technology to communicate with employees faster

Whether an office-wide memo needs to go out, or there is a company barbecue next weekend, use SMS for your company to reach employees where they are - quickly and affordably.

Today, many companies use instant messaging systems on internet browsers to communicate internally. Oftentimes, employees only review these messages during working hours, and important information may be missed due to a lack of communication.

With the EquiiText Cloud Platform, companies can create scheduled message campaigns, timed follow-up messages, and custom responders specifically for their employees. For instance, if an employee needs to know the details of an event, they can text in specific keywords to learn more. If the company needs everyone to know a vital piece of information right away, a single message can be sent to all members of the business at once, alerting everyone directly on their cellphones no matter where they may be.

Spend less on internal communications

The EquiiText business SMS Platform is not only simple to use, it is also much more affordable than any other messaging service. Rather than paying a fee per employee, EquiiText allows companies to add as many contacts as they want for no extra charge. Monthly subscriptions are lower than any other text messaging service, making it easier than ever to communicate effectively without over-paying.

Patented artificial intelligence means hands-off engagement

For potential employees (or even non-employees) who want to learn more about the company and more.

With EquiiText's artificial intelligence engine, your business can create automatic responders that constantly learn and adapt to natural speech.

Use patented AI technology to give applicants the opportunity to learn more about your business before they interview, ensuring they are prepared to meet with you.

The options for using EquiiText within a company are just as limitless as the opportunities for using it as a tool for customer engagement. Contact us today to learn how our Cloud Platform will help your business grow inside and out!

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